Mon 15 Jan 2018 19:03

The 100 Club is a monthly fundraising draw with monthly cash prizes totalling £290 currently (as at January 2018) of: £100, £50, £30, £25, £20, £15 & 5 x £10

Raises funds for YOUR Club

Cost only £4 per month by Standing Order or pay by Cash (or Cheque for 6 months min in advance).

The 100 Club has raised over £18k since starting in 1998

The club has used these vital funds to just keep going in the late 90s and now it still contributes valuable income to benefit all sections of the club

If you're interested in joining, see Martin Kerr (Seniors), Rob Lee (Senior, Minis & Juniors), Dawn Santacroce & Debbie Walters (Minis) or Claire Legg (Ladies) for more information - you can find a Standing Order form on the website - just return it to Martin and untold riches will (may) be yours!

100 club flyer / joining form